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Hella Good Scents

Hella Good Incense

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Our premium quality handmade incense are double dipped by hand (completely soaked, dried in between and then re-soaked). Each "soaking" is 24-36 hours long.

  • Incense come in 10 per pack.
  • Each stick burns approximately 40-60 minutes.

    Please choose your scent.

    Hella Platinum: Fresh, aromatic, and distinctly modern scent for the extrovert who isn't afraid of making themself known. An alliance of balance and power, there is an aromatic freshness of lavender and rosemary, heightened by a touch of petitigrain from Paraguay. It's full heart blossoms over a robust accord of clary sage and geranium, leading to a very pure base in which the amber warmth of exotic wood lingers on. The nose behind this fragrance is Chanel, Platinum Egoiste. 

    Hella Fly: Boldly charismatic, this scent is warm and spicy with masculine energy. Top notes are watery notes, lemon verbena and pink pepper; middle notes are aldehydes, violet and basil; base notes are vetiver, cashmeran, musk, amber and leather. The nose behind this fragrance is L'Homme Libre Cologne Tonic by Yves Saint Laurent. 

    LA Nights: This masculine scent is incandescent and luminescent with notes of jasmine, gardenia, carnation, patchouli, sandalwood, marine accord, coffee, and caramel. The nose behind this fragrance is New York Nights Bond No. 9. 

    Savage AF: Like a deep breath of fresh air, Savage AF is a bold composition of masculine energy for someone who is true to themselves. The strong gust of citrus is powerfully anchored by the amber nobleness of ambrosian, the resinous elemi and woods that bind the whole. The nose behind this fragrance is Sauvage by Dior. 

    Black Love: Bold leather, deep woody vetiver, patchouli and oak moss, scented with light aquatic and white floral notes. 

    Hella Mature: This scent fills the air with the aroma of leather and spices. A smooth vanilla composition with honey and fruity notes yet warm and smooth with hints of sandalwood. The nose behind this fragrance is Midnight Black Tea by Jo Malone. 

    Hella Poppy: A bright and charming fragrance with a romantic side, Hella Poppy mixes light, fruity notes with soft florals and a flirty trail. The scent's happy and fun personality bursts open with sparkling top notes of grapefruit, wet ivy, and mandarin. The floral heart, at once feminine and vibrantly romantic, emerges with a bouquet of jasmine petals, water lily, and rose. The nose behind this fragrance is Coach Poppy Flower by Coach. 

    Hella Cash: A lovely powdery floral perfume with refreshing bergamot at the top. This creamy blend will captivate you. A warm, herbal, musky fragrance with a light musk base woven with notes of muget, sandalwood, creamy vanilla and patchouli, with top notes of mandarin and lime to create a sophisticated blend. The nose behind this fragrance is Cashmere. 

    Sweet & Sassy: This oil is a powerful blend of our Hella Cash (above) fragrance combined with Hella Sex. Hella Sex is an enticing fragrance with feminine energy that tempts and teases with a burst of mouthwatering, juicy, wild berries and crystalized sugar. Sprinkled with the light freshness of orange water flower and sensual Passion flower, it does the flirting for you. This is not your ordinary fragrance.  The nose behind this fragrance is Sexual Sugar by Michel Germain Paris. 

    Hella Guilty: This daring aromatic scent contains notes of lavender, coriander, orange flower, and patchouli. An ambiguous scent, Hella guilty brings out the most scandalous side of all who wear it. The nose behind this fragrance is Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme. 

    Love Sibet: This fragrance oil is a rendition of Pink Sugar Type. A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks. 

    Hella Exotic: A fresh and spicy fragrance with masculine energy with notes of amber, leather, and tangerine. It defies all the rules and upsets the codes while adding a touch of irresistible seduction. 

    Kid & Play: With an amber woody floral aura, this exalted version of a signature scent, jasmine blossoms and woody musks engage in an alchemy of the senses. Notes include grandiflora jasmine from Egypt, saffron, bitter almond from Morocco, cedar wood, musky woody accord, and ambergris. The nose behind this fragrance is The Baccarat Rouge 540. Interesting fact? When utilized to fragrance our candles, the aroma provides an innocent aroma of play-dough!